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PFSL Rentals offers complete property management services at one place –

  • Rental Appraisals
  • Marketing
  • Tenant Selection
  • Agreement & Paperwork
  • Tenant Induction
  • Property Inspection
  • Rent Collection & Monitoring
  • Supervised Maintenance & Repairs
  • Rent Review
  • Rental Property Tax Returns

Why should you choose PFSL Rentals?

Managing your own investing property may seem as an easy task but you may not get the best ROI (return on investment) on it. Sometimes landlord – tenant relationship can get too personal and the landlord may not be able to review rent and get best return on it. At PFSL Rentals, we maintain the professional relationship with the tenant and maximise the rental returns for the landlord at the same time.

Usually landlords get a few quotes before any repair / maintenance work is carried out. This process can take time and can put a dent in your relationship with your tenants. We have a team of quality tradespeople who can carry out any repair & maintenance work at a reasonable price and can be onsite quickly.

When tenants move out, you have to go through the whole process all over again. We understand the frustration of finding a reliable tenant is not an easy task.

Starting with marketing your property to finding suitable tenants to get your property tenanted, renting out property can pose real challenges for the landlord.

Finding Tenants

Finding good tenants for your property is an important part of the property management process. At PFSL Rentals, we begin by marketing your property on all major platforms such as Trademe, Facebook Groups, Whatsapp to ensure we get a pool of prospective tenants.  We hold open home sessions where we show your property to them. The prospective tenant will fill out an application form where we conduct background, credit and reference checks.

Once we have matched suitable tenants for your property, we can present a list for your selection or we can handle that process for you. On selection, we will complete the formalities of organising the Rental Agreement & filing of tenancy bond with Tenancy Services. We will also go through the induction process with the tenant.

Managing your property

Once the tenants have settled in, they can call us on any query on day to day basis. We carry out rent review every 6 months. We inspect your property on periodic basis to ensure it is maintained as per your requirements. We do the rent collection and monitoring on weekly basis.

We carry out rent appraisals by reviewing the market price for your suburb regularly so you are never missing out on your return. For any repair & maintenance work carried out, we will supervise the work and provide you with the updates on regular basis.

Residential Tenancies Act

We understand Residential Tenancies Act and building regulations quite well so we can guide you at every step. We also understand the rights and responsibilities of landlords & tenants. If there is any dispute then we can also act on your behalf and provide the representation you need.

Rental Property Tax Returns

We are a division of Professional Accountants & Services Limited (PASL) – an accounting & tax firm so PASL can assist you with your tax obligations with the IRD. At the end of the year, PASL can file your property tax return for you. PASL will also ensure that you get the advantage of the tax breaks available to you.

With PFSL Rentals – it is JUST ONE PLACE for your professional property management needs.